Installation views Shelf Life
Prepared Objects;
Handmade book in the drawer of a Biedermeier table;
Rearrangement of the museum collection,
including early 19th-century taxidermy examples.
Städtisches Museum Zwickau

Prepared Object:
Oil paint on black radish; velvet; glass.
Handmade copy of the short story Shelf Life; sign inviting visitors to sit and read.

Eglon Hendrik van der Neer
1634 Amsterdam - 1703 Düsseldorf
The Courtship
Collection Städtisches Museum Zwickau.

Prepared Objects:
Oil paint on apples, bananas; balls of tea and textile glue;
orange peels; dried-out and moldy lemons.

Prepared Objects:

Oil paint on oranges; dried-out lemons; orange peels.